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Michael Williams


Michael Williams


Michael has more than twenty years’ experience in corporate finance and accounting. While spending most of his career in finance, he also has numerous years experience in the Financial Services industry and is securities licensed.

Prior to joining FSH, Michael began his career in accounting and finance in the hospitality industry. His past work history involves effective cost saving strategies for such notables as: Westin, Sheraton, Hilton, and Holiday Inn. After many success stories of applying solid financial disciplines to institutions he began to see the need to bring this expertise to the public sector. The desire to see families and small business operate with strong financial wisdom is what compelled him to start Financial Health Solutions.

In 2008 he founded Financial Health Solutions, LLC in Atlanta Georgia. The firm’s primary service is Tax Preparation, Accounting and Budget Forecasting. After two years in business they expanded the firm to provide more of a total strategy to financial solutions facing individuals. Customers began requesting a more detailed year round financial plan to improve cash flow, maintain profitable returns, and a more consistent tracking of budget targets.

Michael works with many closely held small to medium size firms although his strategic focus remains helping individuals to “Get Their Financial House in Order.” Those who have trusted Mr. Williams with their valued finances have found him to be creative in solving complex financial issues and trustworthy in the care and attention to details provided.

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