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Ford Taylor


Ford Taylor


Ford Taylor is a leadership solutions trainer, strategist and speaker. With a primary emphasis on the people that serve an organization while simultaneously maintaining a clear focus of the business or organization itself, Ford shares straight-forward practical solutions through authentic leadership training and individualized leadership consulting. With an empathetic intelligence derived from decades of experience with an array of people, personalities and companies both large and small, Ford helps to both define and navigate leadership in the business culture of today.

His trainings and talks are centered around removing constraints, equipping leaders and empowering people to become happy, successful, high performing individuals with healthy relationships both inside and outside of the workplace.

As a keynote speaker, Ford Taylor identifies and shares the tools and tactics to develop transformational leaders within every organization at every level.

From mom and pop to multimillion dollar businesses and mom and pop businesses that became multimillion dollar businesses, Ford has learned many lessons and tested just as many tools as he shares with every single person he meets. In his understanding that many have learned to manage people, he takes his trainings a number of steps further to show leaders how to lead people and how to manage the processes, systems, and procedures around them.

Ford Taylor is the founder of FSH Strategy Consultants and Transformational Leadership. He is the author of Relactional Leadership and directs a charitable international effort to provide Transformational Leadership to emerging countries worldwide.

Ford and his wife of 37 years, Sandra, live in the United States of America. They are the parents of three daughters named Whitney, Emily, and Quincy.

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