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Julie Sies


Julie Sies

Director of Live Events

Portland, OR

Speaker, Coach, TL on Demand Facilitation

Julie Sies is passionate to work with individuals and teams to build heart & character, creating alignment and success for every endeavor. She has over 30 years’ experience developing teams in a variety of sectors non-profits, churches and government agencies and small business.

Over the last several years an entrepreneur she has helped launched Zeppidy, a real estate software enterprise, T&D Associates, property management company; and Exponential Functions a consulting serving a variety of organizations. Throughout her career, whether it be for a public agency or non-profit she has served as a catalyst for growth and change always building teams, programs and process in order to expand their reach.  She has a passion to facilitate growth using Transformational Leadership as a backbone so that individuals and companies are able to fulfill their mission and purpose.  Prior to her time with Transformational Leadership she was Vice-President of Marketing for WeCare Oregon a consulting agency serving non-profits.  She holds an MBA from George Fox University, a BA from Chico State University and and is a certified Transformational Leadership trainer, and ICF trained Coach.   Julie and her husband Dale have been married for 36 years and 2 terrific daughters and son-in-laws and one very special grand-daughter.

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